About Us


Epitome’s mission is for all student-athletes to have fun and to emphasize individual improvement in times and distances rather than winning. The student-athlete has to make the stopwatch or tape measurement their primary competition. Epitome acknowledges that a successful athletic program is one that strives for excellence on the field of competition but recognizes that success is not measured by winning the race. Epitome measures the success of its program by the contributions made to the overall development of the student-athlete.


Epitome promotes an environment that encourages the full personal development of its student-athletes. Epitome emphasizes scholastics and academics as well as their athletic abilities. Recognizing the individuality of each student-athlete, Epitome focuses on his or her academic and athletic abilities. Epitome is committed to developing synergy between the academic and athletic abilities of all its student-athletes.

Student-athletes are required to behave in a respectful and well-behaved manner at all times to all people, including coaches, parents, and fellow athletes.

We are a member of the United States Athletic Track and Field Association and the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU); national governing bodies, which sanctions competition in track & field, cross country, and multi-events. We promote a holistic approach to training of our athletes mind, body and soul.


To provide the opportunity to further skill development and development of personal relationships.

To develop such values as fair play, ethics, leadership, integrity, accountability and the pursuit of excellence.

To establish and maintain an environment that values cultural diversity and gender equity among its athletes, coaches and officials.

To provide a public relations vehicle to enhance regional and national awareness of Epitome.

To develop and maintain physical fitness.

To bring out the spirit, pride and enthusiasm of participants and spectators.

Epitome balances running skills with healthy life skills. Some of our educational goals are:

  •  To teach youth how to handle the ups and downs of life (enjoying a win and learning from a loss).
  • To demand youth to be the best they can be as athletes and citizens.
  • To foster the development of physical, mental, social and emotional fitness.
  • To teach a high level of track skills and tactics.
  • To develop more competitive level track athletes and teams.


 Epitome asks the boys and girls to commit the time and effort necessary for self improvement and contribution to the goals of their team, Epitome and the community. Epitome demands the same from parents, coaches and volunteers.